Jr 1st Degree Practice Test

Carolinas American Judo Association

1. What is the name of your Judo organization?

a) United States Judo Association
b) United States Judo Federation
c) International Judo Federation
2. Who founded Judo?

a) Nagaoka
b) Mifune
c) Jigoro Kano
d) Kotani
3. What is the name of the school he founded?

a) Epizoundes
b) Kodokan
c) Budokan
d) Shudokan
4. What is the date of the founding of Judo?

a) 1881
b) 1882
c) 1910
d) 1886

Directions: Select the Japanese equivalent for the following English terms.

5. Teacher

a) Rei
b) Kuzushi
c) Sensei
6. Sitting on knees

a) Seiza
b) Hajime
c) Uchi Komi
7. Sitting cross-legged

a) Kuzushi
b) Uke
c) Anza
8. Attention!

a) ki o tsuke
b) Uchi Komi
c) Kuzushi
9. Bow!

a) Maitta
b) Rei
c) Hajime
10. Falling methods or ways

a) Ukemi
b) Matte
c) Kuzushi
11. Off Balance

a) Randori
b) Uke
c) Kuzushi
12. Repetition attack practice without throwing, done with a partner

a) Uke Rei
b) Randori
c) Uchi Komi
13. Person Receiving technique

a) Ukemi
b) Sensei
c) Uke
14. Person performing technique

a) Randori
b) Tori
c) Sensei
15. Begin

a) Hajime!
b) Matte!
c) Uchi Komi
16. Stop

a) Hajime!
b) Matte!
c) Maitta!
17. I surrender

a) Matte!
b) Maitta!
c) Hajime!
18. Free practice

a) Randori
b) Uchi Komi
c) Anza
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