Jr 2nd Degree Test
Carolinas American Judo Association

1. What is the name of your Judo organization?

a) United States Judo Association
b) United States Judo Federation
c) International Judo Federation
2. Who founded Judo?

a) Nagaoka
b) Mifune
c) Jigoro Kano
d) Kotani
3. What is the name of the school he founded?

a) Epizoundes
b) Kodokan
c) Budokan
d) Shudokan
4. What is the date of the founding of Judo?

a) 1881
b) 1882
c) 1910
d) 1886
5. What are the two principles of Kodokan Judo as defined by Dr. Kano?

a) Maximum efficiency - Seiryoku Zenyo
b) Mutual benefit and welfare - Jita Kyoei
c) Win at any cost
d) Never admit defeat

6. How Long have unarmed combat martial arts been practiced in Japan?

a) 600 to 1500 years
b) 500 to 800 years
c) 600 to 1000 years
7. What was unarmed combat called in Japan before Judo?

a) Kungfu
b) Jujitsu
c) Karate
d) Boxing
8. How many degrees are there currently in the USJA junior rank system?

a) Five
b) Six
c) Eight
d) Ten
9. Choose the correct five USJA junior belt colors in order by color

a) White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple
b) Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple
c) Yellow, Orange/White, Orange, Orange/Green, Green
d) Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple

Directions: Select the Japanese equivalent for the following English terms .

10. Teacher

a) Rei
b) Kuzushi
c) Sensei
11. Sitting on knees

a) Seiza
b) Hajime
c) Uchi Komi
12. Sitting cross-legged

a) Kuzushi
b) Uke
c) Anza
13. Attention!

a) ki o tsuke
b) Uchi Komi
c) Kuzushi
14. Bow!

a) Maitta
b) Rei
c) Hajime
15. Falling methods or ways

a) Ukemi
b) Matte
c) Kuzushi
16. Off Balance

a) Randori
b) Uke
c) Kuzushi
17. Repetition attack practice without throwing, done with a partner

a) Uke Rei
b) Randori
c) Uchi Komi
18. Person Receiving technique

a) Ukemi
b) Sensei
c) Uke
19. Person performing technique

a) Randori
b) Tori
c) Sensei
20. Begin

a) Hajime!
b) Matte!
c) Uchi Komi
21. Stop

a) Hajime!
b) Matte!
c) Maitta!
22. I surrender

a) Matte!
b) Maitta!
c) Hajime!
23. Free practice

a) Randori
b) Uchi Komi
c) Anza
24. Big or major

a) O Goshi
b) O
c) O Goshi
25. Waist or hip

a) Koshi or Goshi
b) O Soto Gari
c) O Goshi
26. Major hip throw

a) O Goshi
b) O
c) O Soto Gari
27. Outside

a) Kesa
b) Koshi or Go
c) Soto
28. Major outside reaping throw

a) Kesa-gatame
b) O Soto Gari
c) O Goshi
29. One point! (referee’s award)

a) Ippon!
b) Waza-ari!
c) Kesa-gatame
30. Almost ippon!

a) Waza-ari!
b) O Ippon!
c) Koshi or Goshi
31. Scarf

a) Soto
b) Kesa-gatame
c) Kesa
32. Lock or hold

a) Kuzure-kesa-gatame
b) Kesa
c) Gatame
33. Scarf Lock

a) Kesa
b) Kesa-gatame
c) Kuzure-kesa-gatame
34. Modified

a) Kuzure
b) Soto
c) Shodan
35. Modified scarf lock

a) Kesa-gatame
b) Gatame
c) Kuzure-kesa-gatame
36. Black belt grade or rank

a) Shodan
b) Dan
c) Nidan
37. Beginning black belt

a) Dan
b) Shodan
c) Nidan
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